Warm Welcome


Dear guests of our beautiful house ‘Klein Geluk’

We have all information on this page available you need before you arrive. If you need any information, please email us at contact@vakantiehuiskleingelukaandekust.nl

Please enjoy upcoming holidays!


Familiy van Tongeren


Egmonderstraatweg 34-11
Egmond a/d Hoef / Egmond aan Zee
The Netherlands

Google Maps

Finding the park might be difficult at first. Best first time is to turn right on the Egmonderstraatweg between two houses/restaurant Smakelijk (see picture).

(note restaurant is not open anymore)

The ‘green route’ (see picture) is more easy once you have arrived


You can get the key between 16.00 – 18.00 in the Mill / Muhle. If you are late, no problem, call / whatsapp people of ‘Gastvrijaanzee’ the park manager: tel: +31643492081

Note: the cleaners need to clean a couple of houses, so they almost never finished before 16.00

For exceptions on date/time we always email you.


Door / electric lock

The door can be opent with a key or code. The code we will email you.

To open the door with the keypad. Select the numbers, slowly. Door will open itself. No need to select the arrow. (that is closing the door)

All information about the lock, see the manual inside the house.

You can close the door inside by turning the knob.


Bedlinnen / Bettwäsche / Bedsheets

  • The beds are made
  • There are 2 towels per person (big and small)
  • We advice to bring extra for the Sauna

Verwarming / Heating /Heizung

  • The cost of heating is 3x expensive as 2021….so please take this into account and be careful with the limited energy in Europe.
  • So the heating limits we set to maximum 21 degrees. Above it will go back to the default schedule automatically. This should be enough for ‘normal’ use.
  • You want to set the heating above 21? You can buy some wood or let us know and we can charge 5 euro extra per day so you can set the temperature higher….

Bicycle / Fahrader / Fiets

We have 2 bicycles available free to use. You happy that you use them, but please note, they are not insured, so its for your own risk.

  • Always lock them on a tree / pole (2x)
  • If anything is broken or need to be fixed, email us.
  • If they get stolen outside Duinpark, you need to pay 200 EUR each.


You can also rent bicycles in Egmond:

Picture of the ‘male’ bike with childseat (can be added or removed)

Instructions to add and remove the child seat. Child seat is in de ‘berging’ / locker room. If you add it, always remove when leave and place it in the wall again. Tnx!

Instructions to add the lock (code 114)

Bolderkar / Handwagen /handcart

You can use the handcart for shopping or goto the beach.  Please fold it back in when you used it.


The BBQ is electric. Fill it with 1 liter of water en empty it after use

Gordijnen / Curtains / Vorhänge

In the bedrooms, don’t pull! only use the katrol. (see picture)

Washing machine & Dryer (Trockner)

In the storage room we have a washmachine, dryer and iron.

Children bed / Stair Gate (Treppendor)

We have 1 or 2 extra beds for the little people (let us know by email). Bring your own bedlinnen for these beds.

Koffie / Caffee

We have 1 Filter Machine and 1 Nespresso machine

Schoorsteen / Fireplace inside / outside

You can use the fireplace inside and outside.

  • Inside: Make sure you open the ‘klep/valve’ is open. Put you hand a bit in the fireplace, you feel you can open and close it.
  • Firelogs: we buy these (see picture) at the Albert Heijn. You can also ask Jacco for wooden firelogs when you arrive
  • Empty it after you leave; tnx!


We some games free to use!

Digital stuff

  • Netflix/ Streaming. In the television on HDMI2 we have Chromecast so you can steam Netflix to the television More info how to stream


  • Standaard on 20.5 degree. Will stop automatically at 23.00 at start at 7.00. You can also ‘override’ this and change it yourself. Push the button on the right bottom.